Overview of the FAT FINGER platform and how we enable anyone create apps in seconds to digitize their operations. No IT experience needed.

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FAT FINGER is a software platform used by the world’s leading businesses to take their forms, procedures, workflows, inspections, and overall operations digital to improve safety, quality and efficiency.

If you’re new to FAT FINGER, this training guide will help you get started or simply refresh your memory. For how-to guides, you can visit our support site. If you haven’t created a FAT FINGER account yet, you can sign up for free here

By using FAT FINGER, clients achieve:

83% of customers resolve workplace risks faster.

85% report an increase in team accountability

60% say using FAT FINGER has made their workplace safer

Functionality Overview 

  • Easily create customizable apps to digitize checklists, procedures, workflows, inspections, etc.

  • View all your content and capture data offline from any mobile device or desktop web browser.

  • Generate professional-looking reports in web format, PDF, Excel or API.

  • View Real-time dashboards to uncover trends in your data.

  • Manage a team and track areas that need improving with follow up tasks & alerts.

  • Integrate any system to Push/Pull data via a REST API to breath new life into existing clunky systems.

  • Coach users while they do their jobs to take safer more productive actions using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Video Call & Chat to collaborate with your team and provide remote assistance.

  • Connect IoT device data into the apps and workflows you build.

Web Browser Command Center

FAT FINGER; the web browser command center allows anyone with no code or IT experience to build a custom app in minutes, manage your workflows end-to-end, view real-time dashboards and manage your FAT FINGER account.

FAT FINGER Mobile Offline App

The FAT FINGER Mobile App on iOS (Apple) & Android allows users to have all their apps on one very easy to use mobile app specially designed for big finger field users. The mobile app can be used offline when users do not have access to an internet connection. When users come back into internet range their changes will be synced with the Command Center.

Think of the web browser Command Center as full view for everyone and the Mobile App designed for field users who care less about creating apps and managing users. They care more about having an easy to use app with the content they need to view and a way to easily and quickly capture data.

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