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An article on how to invite users and organize your apps using teams

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Helpful Definitions of Users vs. Teams


Users of the FAT FINGER system. Pretty simple :-)


Teams help organize groups of users that may need to see different app templates and submitted data. For example, by role/job (safety, maintenance, production) or by geographic area (Texas, Singapore, Plant vs, Field operations). 

If needed, users and app templates can be divided among different teams.

Inviting People To Your FAT FINGER Account

You can invite users to FAT FINGER through a few different ways. To have the most control on security and role management, follow the steps below.

From the Main Drop-Down Menu (top left hand corner)  select "Users."

Then, select "Invite New Users to Account." Fill in the email address, role, and which team you would like to assign the new user. You can always add them to more teams from the "Teams" section.

FAT FINGER has 3 different roles. Roles are a way to manage how much system access is provided to a user. 

Reporter - Lowest level of System Access

Reporter's can submit app data and view submitted activities only within their assigned teams.


Managers can do everything a reporter can do. Additionally, managers can create app templates, view activities in other teams, create/view dashboards, and manage users in different teams.

Admin - Highest level of System Access

Admins can do everything a manager can. Additionally, managers can manage company wide settings, billing information, and all global users.

Send Invitation

Once you send an invitation, the nominated user will receive an email welcoming them to FAT FINGER. 

*Please ask them to check their SPAM box as sometimes our invitation email's get caught in the spam filter*

New users will need to select "JOIN TEAM" and set their own password before allowed access to FAT FINGER.

Please remind them that they can use FAT FINGER from a web browser as well as from the offline capable Apple (iOS) & Android mobile apps.


You can create as many Teams as you need to help organize apps and users. You can put users and apps in multiple teams.

For instance, all users might be in the Safety team as safety is important to everyone but, specific maintenance users will want to have their Maintenance team for Maintenance-related apps and data.

If a user is not in a team that a specific app template is in, the user will not have access to the app or view activity data.

Your account comes with a Default team that all new users join and that all-new App Templates publish to first.

What's Next?

Download the mobile FAT FINGER apps on iOS and Android.

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