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View tab allows you to edit, delete, export, or filter activities in your FAT FINGER account and display them in a list or in a map format.

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In the "View" tab you will find a list of all activities submitted by the teams related to you.*

* If you are logged in as a Reporter user you will only see submissions done from within teams related to you.

** If you are logged in as a Manager or Admin you will see all submissions from all teams.

Each row represents one activity. You can click on the activity to see its details, or you can expand the Actions dropdown (1) for more features. Some of these features include creating a task related to that activity, exporting that activity in a PDF or XLS format, deleting the activity, and more.

Top-bar features

In the top bar, you will find different features that allow you to apply different actions to several activities/rows at once.

1. "Show Deleted" is a switch that will show or hide the deleted activities (hidden by default).

2. "Status Switch" will allow you to CLOSE or RE-OPEN all the selected activities.

*You can select Activities from the checkbox at the beginning of each row.

3. "Filters" feature will allow you to filter the data so you can see only those Activities that you want.

4. "Search" is an extra filtering feature that will allow you to search Activities by title.

5. "Refresh" simply re-loads the list.

6. PDF export will export all the selected rows.

7. XLS export will export all the rows.

8. Map view will display a map showing the same activities you see on the list.

Map panel

Clicking the map panel (1) will show you a map of where each activity (represented as pins) from the list was submitted (2). You can click on every pin to see the activity title, location, and you have an option to view the details (3).

The top right corner will show a map legend that describes the different team colors used on the map (4).

As you can imagine, if you apply a filter and the result is only 4 activities, the map panel will only show those four activities.


"Filters" feature (1) will allow you to create new filters (2), or apply / edit / delete previously saved filters (3).

The filter popup will allow you to set the filter criteria you need to get only the list of activities that you want.

1. Filter by status.

2. Filter by who created the activities (for example, you can add John and Sarah to the filter, and you will see only activities submitted by only John and Sarah.

3. Filter by when the activities were created. Expand the dropdown to get different pre-set options and also a custom range (to show all activities submitted within two given dates).

4. Filter by Workflow name (you can select 1 or more).

5. Filter by Team (you can select 1 or more).

6. This will allow you to share this filter with the other users within your company (but you must apply through step 7).

7. If you want to save the filter, you can enter a name and then click SAVE & APPLY.

8. If you don't want to save this filter but still want to apply it, you can simply click apply.

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Using your custom workflow and submitting a new activity is very easy.

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