You can use FAT FINGER from any device, including your web browser (desktop Command Center) or mobile app (Android & iOS). Additionally, no internet is required to use the mobile app. When a user goes back into internet coverage, the app will sync with the command center.

Web browser Command Center

Select the "New" tab, this will bring up a drop down menu with all your app templates.

App Template

Then, select the app template of your choice and enter the required data. 

Submit or Submit & Create Task


This is used to simply submit and save data to your account

Submit & Create Task

This will submit and save data to your account. A task creation screen will then appear to assign a task to a user for follow-up actions.

The nominated user will receive an email that they have been assigned a task, and that task will go into their task section in both the web command center and mobile app.

For instance, If you were doing an inspection and uncovered something that needed to be changed, you could assign a task to the maintenance person to resolve. They will not only receive the task but also be able to see the original submission for reference.

*Note - This video is slightly out-of-date as we have renamed the New Activity tab to "New"

What's Next?

Export PDF and Excel Reports

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