Export Saved Activities

Open up any submitted activity and select the PDF or Excel icon.

PDF Export

By selecting the PDF icon, it will automatically download a professional looking PDF file to your system.

The default settings will define the PDF file name as what the user entered in the first default text box. If you would like to change to a specific file time. You can do this by going into the app template builder, selecting more options under the first text field, and adding a default value in the field. Whatever default you choose will reflect as the PDF file name.

Single Activity Excel Export

By selecting the Excel icon, it will automatically download an Excel spreadsheet to your system.

Mass Excel Export

You can export multiple saved activities by going into the view tab and clicking the Excel icon. 

*Note* - If you want to only export specific activities, you must set up a filter and then hit export. If you do not have a filter, it will export all your submitted activities  

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