In the most common cases, a task has an assignee (mandatory), a due date, some comments, and a related activity.

For example, in the last submission of a Safety Checklist, a potential problem was spotted and a task was assigned to Tom to take care of it. In which case the task's comments will explain to Tom what needs to be done and the task will be related to that specific Safety Checklist Activity.

Another common use of tasks is when we need someone to submit a new activity. Maybe you need some paperwork done by Friday which means that you will create a task assigned to the right user to create a new activity. In this case, the task is not related to an activity, it's related to a team and a specific app that will generate a new activity by Friday.

Create new task without related activity

If you need Mary from the Safety Team to fill out a Safety Checklist tomorrow you would create a task that looks like the following:

After clicking on Create Task button, an email notification will be sent to Mary about this task. The email will look like this:

Mary will be able to do the task on the browser app or on the mobile app.

In this case, when the task is about creating a new activity, you will see a START TASK button. By clicking that button Mary will be able to submit the required Safety Checklist.

Once Mary is ready to submit the new Safety Checklist, she will be able to choose between close the task or keep it open and relate this new activity to the task.

Create a new task with a related activity

Sometimes you will need someone to take action on an activity that already exists. For example, there is an empty field on Mary's new Checklist and you need Tom to update that content. In this case, you will navigate to the specific activity you want to relate to a task and click CREATE TASK.

Once you are done setting up the new task, you can click CREATE TASK and an email notification will be sent to Tom immediately.

You can do the same process from the mobile app. From the home page, you can tap on VIEW to see the list of activities. Then navigate to Mary's checklist and then choose to CREATE TASK FOR THIS ACTIVITY.

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