Tired of double entry and creating custom excel reports. Our goal is to provide you with automated reporting so at anytime you can see what is actually happening in your operations.


The tab where all your charts are views. Think of this as your pin-up board.


Individual charts that can be saved and shared between other users dashboards.

Dashboard Tab

Start by selecting (Dashboard) tab.

Create Custom Charts

To create and edit a dashboard layout. First, select (Edit Dashboard) button.

 Then select add row of charts. Select how you want your charts to line up .

Report Type

You will see several different Report Types.

Activity Report

Visualizes the number of submitted activities in your account. E.g. How many safety incidents are we having per month in our Texas plant?

Field Report

KPI Report 

Visualizes element values in a specific app over time.
E.g. What is the pressure of pump 1 over the last 6 months?
E.g. What is revenue of rig 1 this month?

User Report

Numeric Report

Save Changes

Enter a name for your chart and make sure to save your progress.
*Tip* Make the name something other new users will understand as the charts can be shared across multiple dashboards.

What's next? 

Export professional looking PDF & Excel reports to your team, customers or suppliers.

Overview to Building apps.

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