Building apps is easy but we understand not every team has the time or resources to do it themselves.

If you need assistance and would like our success coaching / consulting, please chat with us below and our team can assist with creating templates, managing your account, share best practices, build integrations, enterprise features, etc.

Create New App

Make sure you have Admin or Manager privileges.

There are a few different ways to create a new app, but the easiest is to click the menu in the upper right hand corner and select (Apps). 

This will allow you to manage and create new and edit older App Templates.

Published App Templates 

All App templates created will then be in a list view that will allow you to search and select which App Template you want to edit or publish.

Select (Create New App) button

App Builder

You have 3 different areas. On the left you have the Template Elements, then the Template Working Area in the middle, and lastly the Template Preview.

The Template Preview to the right side of the screen is just a sample of what the mobile user experience will be like. 

You may now Add or Remove elements to your Template work area by simply clicking the element you want to add, or by clicking the red Trash bin to remove Elements. You can drag and drop elements up and down to rearrange.



Section (vertical) elements help your organize visually where elements are located and can be expanded/collapsed when doing the app.

Table/Horizontal Section

Table Horizontal sections allow you to start building horizontal (left to right) as well as add/delete as many rows as needed. This is helpful when building apps such as field tickets that the user doesn't know if they will be adding one row or many.

Trigger Section 

Trigger sections allow you to build smart responses similar to and/if logic.

E.g. If the user selects "No" to a Yes/No element with a trigger section, the user will trigger (bring up) additional elements that need to be followed/answered (comments, photos, etc). Please refer to the Trigger section article for more info on how to set these up.


All app elements of advanced properties can be viewed by selecting the down arrow to the right of the trash can / delete icon.

Advanced options is where you would nominate elements to be required, advanced smart responses, integration setup, etc.

Digital Signature

Digitally sign with your finger on mobile or with your mouse from desktop/browser.

Photo Image

Add multiple photos as well as draw/annotate on them to highlight specific areas.


This is used to add instructions with no data input.

Single Line Text

Allows the user to enter a single wrapping line of text. This is for shorter responses.

Multiple Line Text

Allows the user to enter long form comments.

Yes/No True/False On/Off

This is a two option switch where you can define the two labels. E.g. Yes/No True/False, Open/Closed.

Yes/ No/ N-A

This is triple switch where you can define the three options. E.g. Yes/No/NA


This is where you can enter number values. You can set up operator alerts based on Max/Min or % tolerance. If users exceed these ranges, they will be prompted with a custom instruction. 

E.g. "You have entered a pressure that is too high, please turn down compressor one or recheck your input."

Bar Code/ QR Scanner

Allow users to scan bar codes and QR codes in all the standard formats. Once scanned, the data will populate the app field saving the user from having to key in the data.


GPS location including long/lat coordinates is taken and then overlaid on a Google Map. 

Multiple Choice (1 Answer)

Drop down menu where the user can select only one choice. The list of choices can be saved directly in the element or pulled from another external system of record using our API integration.

Multiple Choice (1 or more answers)

Drop down menu where the user can select multiple choices (tick box). The list of choices can be saved directly in the element.

Date and Time

You can configure so users can select Date + Time, Date only, Time only.

Web Image

Use this to reference an external image. E.g. A safety risk matrix, photo, etc.

Attach File
Attach / upload any type of file for your team to reference while using the app including PDF, Excel, Doc's and many more. 

Use this to reference an external website. E.g. Catalog, PDF, install instructions, etc

Custom Script
For advanced users to write their own custom scripts (current in beta)


This is an Enterprise feature. Please chat with us on how to embed your connected devices with the apps you build in FAT FINGER.

E.g. If your users are doing asset inspections, they could remotely capture the tank level by connecting with the tank level sensor.

IoT Device - Get Data Point

Captures the devices data point at a point in time.

IoT Device - Chart Data

Charts device data over time.

IoT Device - Send Command

Allows users to remotely control devices E.g. Open/Close, Start/Stop, Shutdown.


Be sure to save your work.

Save your app as you go and when ready you can publish it. Published apps will automatically go into the default team. Don't worry you can edit them at anytime as well as take them in and out of any team that you set up.

*Pro App Building Tips*

  • Try and create your app templates with as many yes/no, multiple choice single select and number/decimal elements as possible. These elements allow you to create more powerful reporting and to leverage the power of your data.

  • Triggers allow you to build decisions and your workforces knowledge into your apps. Once in the apps it won't walk out the door if your team members move on.

  • Photos & reference images/videos bring life to old stale procedures - "A picture is worth a thousand words" rings very true

  • Artificial Intelligence - Use the power of your data to the max. FAT FINGER learns what normal behavior is and can "coach" users while they are doing their jobs to take safer and more productive actions. Contact us to learn more.

Element Overview Video

*Slightly outdated as we continue to release improvements to our builder

What's next? 

How to create Trigger Sections 

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