Trigger sections in the app lead users to specific behavior depending on how they are responding to app elements. 

E.g. If they select Yes to "Is the asset damaged?", they could be prompted with other elements to take pictures and comment about the damage or follow an entirely new custom section.

App Builder

First, we need to add a Trigger section by clicking the (Trigger Section) element in the upper right of App elements 

Element Advanced Options

We need to add an element that will kick off the Trigger.

Triggers only work on Yes/No, Yes/No/NA or Multiple Choice (1 answer) elements.

Once you add one of the 3 types of elements that triggers work with, select the arrow beside the trash bin which will expand the advanced options. Select the "Advanced" tab.

The element should NOT be inside the Trigger section or it will be hidden to the user.

E.g. Do I need a permit ? Yes/No Element

Smart Response

From the Advanced tab inside the element, Click "Add Smart Response"

This will provide you the option to add a Trigger Value, Trigger Type, Trigger Instructions. 

Trigger Value

Whatever is defined here will kick off the trigger. E.g. "Yes" or the exact name of the multiple choice selection (saved in FAT FINGER or via an API integration.)

Trigger Type

The default "Trigger Type" is to trigger a photo and comment element. If you keep the default, you do NOT need a trigger section.

If you added a Trigger section, you can reference a new previously hidden section to appear. 

Trigger Instructions

This is to call out additional instruction to the user when a trigger section is triggered.

Trigger Section

In the new Trigger section, you can add as many additional elements as needed  (yes/no, photo, signature, etc.) This section will be hidden to the user unless they trigger it with the original element.

Testing the Trigger

Save your changes and publish the app. From the "New" tab find the app which contains the trigger. Select the response and you should see either see the default comment/photo element or the custom trigger section.

Triggering Multiple Choice API Integration

Triggers will trigger regardless if the choices are saved in the basic tab or pulled from another system an via API integration. 

E.g. if you select FORD and the external list that you have integrated to FAT FINGER has FORD as an option the trigger section will work.

Trigger Video

What's Next?

Workflow Notifications
This feature allows you to automatically alert and assign a task to someone who has submitted an App. Also know as Route or Routing

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