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Advanced App Building
Routine / Re-occurring Tasks / Expected Number of Submissions
Routine / Re-occurring Tasks / Expected Number of Submissions

This allows you to nominate how many times the app should be used. If users do not reach the set amount. Reoccurring tasks.

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Users love this feature because it allows them to set up routine tasks and only bring up items NOT being completed. If the team is performing as they need to be, they will never receive a task.

Routine Tasks

From the App Builder, select the small arrow tab near the app name.

Expected Number of Submissions

Click the "enable" tab to turn on the "Expected number of team submissions" feature and nominate the frequency (day/month/year) and the user that you would like to notify if this is NOT reached.

For example, If you want your team to be conducting one safety observation per month then select 1, monthly. 

If they fail to achieve this, they or you will be alerted by receiving a new task and an email notifying them about the task.

It's important to note that these alerts are set up to a specific App template, NOT an already submitted activity. The alert is basically saying that you have not used the App template the desired number of times and that you should log in, find the template, and create a new activity. 

FAT FINGER will run a daily check at 12:00 am CST and, if necessary, distribute alerts to the nominated users.  

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