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Using Intrinsically Safe Mobile Cases
Using Intrinsically Safe Mobile Cases

The user is NOT impacted when using Intrinsically Safe iPhone, Intrinsically Safe iPad, Intrinsically Safe iPad Mini cases

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We get a lot of questions about the user experience of our products.

The device or user is NOT impacted by using our cases. 

  • You can keep the case on while charging the device, taking photos, etc. 

  • There are charging & camera ports to allow for full normal use of your mobile devices

  • Easy access to the standard buttons

  • The screen size, usability or internet connection is also not impacted

Similar but better

The cases are very similar to any ruggedized mobile device case.

However, they go through a lot more engineering, testing, and certification given by the different Intrinsically Safe, Class 1 Division 1 & 2, ATEX 1 & 2 ratings.

Interested in Hazardous Area hardware?

You can visit our partner site The Intrinsically Safe Store for all your Hazardous Area need.

What's Next?

60 Second Tutorial Walk-Through *MUST DO*

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