Setup Plan & Setup Progress

We share our implementation best practices and how you can customize to fit your own.

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We have shared some simple yet powerful best practices for your team to get up and running while capturing the most value out of FAT FINGER.

We believe it is critical for everyone interacting with FAT FINGER to understand why they are using it. This is why we have shared some basic Operational Excellence training including Value Driver examples.

Next, we have shared some key questions to discuss with your team to uncover the highest value use cases, identify project roles and communication rhythms to keep your setup on track.

Lastly, we have shared some FAT FINGER Account Health best practices and where you should be after leveraging all the above best practices.

Customize To Your Needs

From your company setting page, managers and admins can customize any Setup Plan Categories and Tasks. These features are in place to assist you if your organization has unique management of change processes, project management methodologies, or setup requirements.

You will notice that you can assign different steps to FAT FINGER users to help complete the setup.
​Feedback Welcome
Like always we welcome any feedback to this tool to make your operations more successful. Please chat with us in the lower corner of the window and we'll be happy to connect.

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