In some special cases, in order to help you out, our support team will ask you to send your device logs through email.

The logs will help our support team better understand what is happening while you use the FAT FINGER app.

By default, the FAT FINGER app does not collect the logs. If you need to send us your device logs, please do the following:

1. Navigate to the Profile & Settings page by tapping the top left menu icon on the home page and selecting Profile & Settings

2. Tap on Enable device logging switch to turn it ON.

3. Now that your app is tracking and recording your steps, try to reproduce your problem. This will gather very important data for your support team to help you.

4. Once you were able to reproduce your problem with device logging enabled, you need to send the logs through email to You can do this also from the Profile & Settings by tapping on Send device logs button.

5. Now you can switch device logging OFF again.

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