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How can I invite multiple users at once?
How can I invite multiple users at once?

This article will help you send invites to multiple users with just a few clicks instead of having to set them up one by one.

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Let's say you want to send lots of invitations, this is what you can do to automate the process.

1. First of all, click on Invite People link at the top right corner shortcut, or the Invite New User button inside the Users page.

2. You will land on the Invite New Users page. Here you should click the add multiple users link.

3. The UI will give you two options:
3.1. Add email addresses separated by commas, will allow you to enter all the email addresses, but you will have to later set their user roles and teams.
3.2.1. Upload a CSV file: Click "here" to download the template file.

3.2.2. Open the .csv file on any text editor or in Microsoft Excel and edit it.
Make sure to respect the file format, using only column A for email addresses, column B for the roles, and column C for the Team name.
*Roles should be "Reporter", "Manager", or "Admin" (With the first character capitalized)

3.2.3. Once you are done adding your users, save the file (keeping the csv format)

3.2.4. Upload the file clicking Upload file

3.2.5. During the last step, you will be able to confirm that everything is right before sending the invitations.
*If by any chance you have misspelled an email, a user role, or a team name, the UI will let you know.

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