Task elements

What are task elements and how they are different from regular tasks and the tasks generated by advance workflows.

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A Task is basically a user's reminder to start an activity (or interact with it) using a specific workflow.

All tasks are basically the same thing, but they can be generated in three different scenarios:
​A) A task can be created by clicking NEW TASK from the TASKS PAGE.
​B) A task can be automatically created by the advanced workflow feature when a section is assigned to a user.
​C) A task can be created while completing an activity that contains a TASK ELEMENT.

As the image shows, TASK ELEMENTS are just another type of element that you can use to build your workflow. Just like Digital Signatures, Location, or Multiple Choice elements, the TASK ELEMENT can be included inside any of your workflow's sections.

This is what it will look like when you are reporting a new activity and you have to interact with a task element. Just like any other task, you will assign it to a user, and give it a priority, comments, and a due date.

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