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Understanding FAT FINGER
Understanding FAT FINGER

This article is a very short guide about how FAT FINGER works.

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In the navigation sidebar, you will see many different items such as USERS, TEAMS, WORKFLOWS, etc. Let's quickly go through each one of them:


Workflows are the digital version of your paper-based processes. For example, if your company uses 3 different paper-based forms (e.g. Invoices, JSA, and Safety Inspections), we call each one of them a WORKFLOW.

To be more precise, if the teams within your company will need to fill in Invoices, JSAs, and Safety Inspections, you will need to build those three processes using our builder. And once you are done, those three digital versions of your paper-based forms will be called WORKFLOWS within FAT FINGER.

In other words, WORKFLOWS are your empty forms, you might have a thousand empty paper copies of your INVOICE, but in the end, they are all the same: Empty invoices.


An ACTIVITY is an instance of a WORKFLOW that is created every time someone uses a WORKFLOW.

As you can see, the same WORKFLOW can be used to generate hundreds of ACTIVITIES. For example, maybe your Safety Team needs to complete a SAFETY INSPECTION WORKFLOW every single week, and at the end of the year, you will have 52 ACTIVITIES and all of them will be created using the same WORKFLOW: The Safety Inspection. In some cases, the Safety Inspection instance (ACTIVITY) will be created by John Smith, and in some other cases by Sarah Jordan.

ACTIVITIES could also be generated from different TEAMS. Maybe your company has two different locations and each one of them has its own Safety Team, and maybe both of them will have to complete a Safety Inspection per week. This means that at the end of the year, your company will have 104 ACTIVITIES, 52 generated by Safety Team 1, and 52 generated by Safety Team 2.

*NOTE: You can start a NEW ACTIVITY by clicking (or tapping) NEW.


A TASK is basically a reminder to someone to create an instance (ACTIVITY) of a WORKFLOW or to edit an ACTIVITY.

For example, let's pretend that today is Monday, and today is the day of the week when the Safety Team needs to complete the weekly Safety Inspection. If I were the manager of that team I could create a TASK to remind John Smith to complete today's Safety Inspection. Once a TASK is created, an email notification is sent to the assignee with all the details of that TASK.

*NOTE: All you need to create a TASK is to pick the TEAM, the WORKFLOW, the USER, etc. This way the system will know who needs to do what and in which context. Keep in mind that the same USER could be part of more than one TEAM, and the same happens with WORKFLOWS.


This is basically a way to automate TASKs creation. If you want to manually create one TASK, you don't need to use the SCHEDULING feature, you'll just go to the TASKs page and create a new task. But in the scenario we were describing, where a Safety Inspection needs to be completed once a week, I can simply SCHEDULE this reminder to happen weekly as well.
You can SCHEDULE a single TASK to be created sometime in the future, or also SCHEDULE recurring TASKs. This could happen daily, or once every X amount of days. Or it could happen weekly, X times per week on the days of the week that you decide. Or this could be SCHEDULED monthly, yearly, etc.

*NOTE: All you need to create a SCHEDULE are the same requirements from TASKS, plus the information about the frequency.


This is probably self-explanatory. On this page, you will find the list of USERS that have been invited to your company. You will be able to see who has accepted the invitation when were their last login, contact details, and USER ROLE.

There are currently three different roles within FAT FINGER: ADMINS, MANAGERS, and REPORTERS.
You can find a more detailed list of the different role permissions by clicking here.


A TEAM is basically a group of USERS with a group of WORKFLOWS. For example, if you have three WORKFLOWS: J.S.A, Safety Inspection, and Invoice, but your SAFETY TEAM will not need to generate Invoices, then you can exclude that WORKFLOW from the SAFETY TEAM.

All FAT FINGER accounts will have one Default Team generated since the beginning.


This is where you can generate all the statistics charts that might be relevant to you. For example, you might want to have a PIE CHART to show how many Safety Inspections were submitted this year compared to J.S.A. or Invoices. Or you want to have a bar chart to show specific data from each TEAM within your company.

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