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A clear guide on how to import multiple activities at once with the "Import Activities" feature.

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In the browser platform (, there is an option to start/create multiple activities at once. This is specifically helpful when you need to kick off a hundred inspections (or any other workflow) and doing that manually one at a time is not an option.

This is basically done by uploading an excel sheet with a specific format and the system will start/create an activity per row of data that you have entered into the XLS file.

This is how you do it:

First of all, you would create/start a new activity as normal, clicking on NEW and then choosing the WORKFLOW you need. And once you land in the NEW ACTIVITY screen, you should click the IMPORT ACTIVITIES button.

After you click on IMPORT ACTIVITIES, a popup will show up, and you will be able to download a properly formatted XLS file to start from by CLICKING ON THE WORD HERE (see screenshot below).

This should download the XLS file into your computer, in this case, I'm using Chrome from a PC and the file download notification in this scenario happens in the bottom left part of the browser.

When you open the XLS file, you will notice that the first tab is called "Activities". In this tab, you will be adding all the data related to any section that IS NOT a HORIZONTAL SECTION. And also you will find an extra tab for each HORIZONTAL SECTION included in your WORKFLOW. In this case, I only have one HORIZONTAL SECTION called "Horizontal section".

Note that in the first tab called "Activities", row 1 will show you when a SECTION starts. In this example, the section called "Vertical section" starts from column F.
Row 2 will display the labels of each element, row 3 will display information that is only important for the system (you shouldn't change any cells in this row). And finally, every row of that you add starting from the ROW 4 will generate a new activity.

For example, let's create four new activities. You would do this by giving each row a temporary ID from the column called In the example below, I have decided that the title element of all my new activities will be the text "Title for the activity" + the number of the activity.

Keep in mind that in order to add data to any other element from a VERTICAL or TRIGGER section, the protocol is exactly the same as the one for the title element I just explained in the paragraph above.

HORIZONTAL SECTIONS need an extra explanation. Because if you are going to create several activities and you will add rows into these horizontal sections, then you need to find a way to let the system know which rows are going to be on which activity.

This is done using the Temp.Id as the reference. In the following example I want to pre-fill 3 rows in the horizontal section of activity1, 2 rows for activity2, none for activity3, and 1 for activity4.

Once you are done entering all the data needed in all the tabs, save the changes into your XLS file and uploaded into by clicking the button Process XLS as you see in the following screenshot:

As a result, you will have created four different activities.

This is how activity1 looks after being created:

This is how activity2 looks after being created:

This is how activity3 looks after being created:

And this is how activity4 looks after being created:

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