Microsoft Power BI Integration

connect your Power BI Tools to FAT FINGER data.

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The following article explains how to connect Microsoft Power BI Desktop to your FAT FINGER Data for easy report building.

Note: If your organization already uses Snowflake platform for Data Workloads please connect your IT Snowflake resource with FAT FINGER support to enable easy and secure share of FAT FINGER Data. See additional details on setting up Snowflake connection.

Step 1: Request Access to FAT FINGER Data Warehouse

Access must be granted by FAT FINGER support prior to Step 2. Please contact support via intercom chat below to request credentials. Credentials and URL Endpoint will be sent to you directly once approved.

Step 2: Setup Connection in Power BI Desktop

Prerequisite: You will need the Data Warehouse URL endpoint and credentials in step 2 prior to setting up a connection.

  1. Open Power BI Desktop and click Get data from another source or Get Data in File Menu.

2. Select Azure | Axure Synapse Analytics SQL or Azure SQL Database

3. Enter Database URL Endpoint that was provided by FAT FINGER Support. Select the Data Connectivity mode either Import or Direct Query depending on your use.

Note: Database is not required. You will only have access to the FatFingerAnalytics Database and there is no need to enter a name here. If doing so could cause connection issues.

4. When prompted for User Name and Password select Database and enter the credentials provided by FAT FINGER Support.

5. Select the views to import

6. Depending on Import or Direct Query you should now be able to query data and build Power BI Reports.

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