You can easily create a new custom app template for any of your procedures, checklists, inspections, workflows, or any operational documents. 

From the menu select "Create New App"

Name Your App & Select Your Elements

Digital Signatures, Multiple Choice drop-downs, yes/no, comments, barcodes, sections, trigger sections/logic, and more. Don't worry about making a mistake. You can always remove or reorganize elements at any time. You will see a preview of the app on the right side.

Element Expanded Options

Use the arrow to see what options are available for each of the elements that you have selected. For example, this is where you would populate all the different choices in a multiple choice drop-down element.

"Save & Go Back" & "Publish"

Remember to save your app. Once you would like to try the app, select "Save & Go Back."
From the Apps page you must publish your saved App before users will be able to use it.

Adding Your App Template To A Team

From the menu, select "Teams." You will have one default team, and you can create as many teams as you need. Teams help organize users' visibility toward specific apps that they need. Also, it helps prevent users from becoming overwhelmed by seeing apps and data that they don't need or shouldn't see.

For example, Safety Apps in the Safety team and Maintenance apps in the Maintenance Team. 

Users and app templates can be in multiple teams. This also helps companies that have different locations, divisions, etc.

Congratulations! Your new custom app template is ready to be used on either the command center (browser) or Mobile FAT FINGER app (iOS & Android) 

Select the "New" tab and find your new app

Command Center View:

Video Overview

*Slightly outdated as we have moved the Create New App button to the menu and added new elements to the builder*

What's Next?

Start inviting users to your account. Not sure how? Here is an article on How to Invite Users.

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