Let's pretend that we have a Maintenance Checklist workflow that our Maintenance team needs to run every week. And this workflow has an item to keep track of a specific machine's temperature. And the problem with this machine is that if it goes above 90 degrees celsius, something terrible will happen.

We can let the user know what to do depending on the scenario.

You can display a RED alert with a custom message if the value goes above and/or below a specific number.

You can also display a GREEN alert with a custom message if the value is on target.

You will also be able (if necessary) to set a deviation value. For example, if my target (desired) value is 50 and my deviation is 0.1, this means that users will get a GREEN alert if they enter a value that is 10% distant from 50. 10% of 50 is 5. which means that:
• Values between 45 and 55 will get a green alert.
• Values between the minimum and 45 will get a yellow alert.
• Values between 55 and the maximum will get a yellow alert.

Finally, this is how you set the above scenario from the workflow builder. Take into consideration that you don't necessarily need to enter all 4 values (max, min, target, and deviation). In some cases, you will just need to set only a maximum, and that is also a possibility.

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